Your bathtub’s slow draining may initially be unnoticed. The problem will eventually get worse until your bathtub has serious drainage problems. Many people might not respond right away if their bathtub is draining slowly. But given that stagnant water that has gathered in a pool can breed bacteria and germs, you should deal with the issue right once. plumbers in ajax.

Your pipes may become clogged for a number of reasons, resulting in a slow-draining bathtub. Most frequently, clogs develop right in the shower drain. Hair, filth, and soap scum combine over time to form a material that clogs your drain. You’ll notice that the bathtub drains slowly and ineffectively as the trash builds up.

A bathtub that drains slowly is annoying. Fortunately, a qualified plumber can assist you in resolving the issue and removing the clog. The bathtub frequently won’t drain for a variety of reasons. The five potential causes of a bathtub emptying slowly are as follows:


If your home has a septic tank, a septic system backup can be to blame for your bathtub‘s poor drainage. Normally, the plumbing system in your home safely removes waste from your home. When there is a clog, it tries to find a way out but ultimately manages to exit through your bathtub.

It is well known that septic backup contains a lot of bacteria that are harmful to your health. It’s a complicated issue that requires more than simple DIY solutions can provide. You should call a plumber right now to have this problem fixed.


Your bathtub draining slowly most likely has a plugged drain. Hair, grime, skin flakes, and soap scum will all fall into the bathtub drain while you shower or bathe. This material builds up over time and impairs water flow.

The bathtub drain may also have a larger object stuck in it. It’s possible that you dropped common bathroom supplies, razor covers, or hair elastics by accident. If you have young children, it’s possible that they accidentally flushed a bath toy or other items down the drain. Your plumbing network may be severely disrupted by these issues, therefore they need to be taken care of right away.


The main culprit behind a bathtub that drains slowly is hair. Some of your hair will naturally fall out when you wash it and take a shower. Having long hair makes it more likely to occur. Even though employing a bathtub hair catcher lessens the issue, some strands may unavoidably get caught in the drain. If you have too many hair clusters, the bathtub won’t drain over time.

Cleaning the drain is the simplest solution. Put on a pair of gloves and manually remove the hair clumps with your hands. It’s not the most enjoyable process, but it will remove the first barrier. In order to prevent hair clumps from accumulating over time, clean this frequently.

Using a plunger is another approach to clear a blockage in your bathtub. Plungers use suction-generated force to remove obstructions. To improve the seal around your tub, you can add Vaseline to the rim of the plunger. Additionally, try immersing the plunger’s head in water to create more suction pressure. If you’re having trouble keeping a tight seal, wrap a piece of tape completely around the stopper.

For an inspection of your bathtub and other household fixtures, call a reputable plumber. This plumbing examination is a great method to find small problems before they become bigger concerns later on. The plumber in Newwell may assist with clearing the obstructions and offering precautionary measures.

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