New Well Plumbing & Heating

We Specialized in Following Areas:

  1. Detecting any kind of water leaks
  2. Bathtub Faucet Repair and Installation (without breaking tiles)
  3. Installation of new fixtures (bath tub, kitchen sink, toilet, wash room sink, and laundry tub etc)
  4. Toilet Repair / Installation
  5. Sink Repair / Installation
  6. Relocation of plumbing systems (according to the Ontario Building Code)
  7. Installation of plumbing systems for new constructions (according to the Ontario Building Code)
  8. Installing the pipe lines for landscaping projects
  9. Installation of water fountains, washing machines, dishwashers, etc
  10. Unclogged sewer lines and building stacks
  11. Replacement of hot and cold water shut off valves (any size)
  12. Replacement of Riser Shut Off Valves (high rise & low rise buildings)
  13. Cleaning of kitchen stacks (preventive maintenance)
  14. Installation of cleanouts
  15. Changing of hot & cold water riser pipes (high rise & low rise buildings)
  16. Drain Snaking (sinks, toilets, tubs...etc)
  17. Drain Repair & Drain Services
  18. Drain Odors